Our Services

Pet Wellness

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Our veterinarians will help create a wellness plan specifically tailored for your pet. This includes vaccinations, parasite prevention, dental hygiene checks, nutrition counselling and regular blood tests.


Our skilled veterinarians can perform surgical procedures such as spay and neuters, soft-tissue surgeries and some orthopedic surgeries. We use gas anesthesia and patient monitoring machines to minimize the risks involved in such procedures.


Did you know that bacteria from your pet’s mouth can travel via the bloodstream to other organs in the body such as the liver, heart and kidneys? We perform dental procedures such as oral prophylaxis and teeth extractions to maintain your pet’s overall health.


We have separate confinement rooms for canine, feline, exotic and avian pets. There is a separate room for infectious cases. Our confinement rooms are equipped with the necessary monitoring and life-saving equipment.

Radiography & Ultrasound

Our digital X-ray and color-doppler ultrasound provides clear diagnostic images.

Laboratory Testing

Our full-ABAXIS veterinary specific laboratory machines can run complete blood count (CBC), blood chemistry and urinalysis tests within minutes. We also have the necessary equipment for other tests such as progesterone test and antibody titer testing.

Pet Allergy Testing

Managing and treating Atopic dermatitis in pets can be quite challenging. Using a blood sample, the Specific IgE Screening Test can help identify possible allergens that trigger Atopic dermatitis. This will help your veterinarian create a treatment plan to manage your pet’s condition.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is a safe and pain-free way of treating and managing arthritis, infected wounds, traumatic injuries, dental issues and post-operative trauma. It minimizes inflammation, pain and swelling, leading to quicker recovery times.

Pet Insurance

Pet emergencies can be quite challenging not just emotionally but financially as well. To help give peace of mind to our clients, we partnered with Standard Insurance Pet Health.