Clinic Tour

Reception and Waiting Area

We have a comfortable reception and waiting area where our patients and clients can relax prior to their vet appointment. One feature of this area that we love is our built-in terrarium. The terrarium is home to our clinic pet, Ringo, a Leopard Gecko. Feel free to say hello!

Consult Rooms

We have 3 consult rooms that also serve as our vet’s office. This is where our vets will examine your pets and attend to your concerns. Minor diagnostic and treatment procedures may also be done here.

The Pharma-Lab

Our Pharma-Lab is where we keep various medicine, vaccines and preventives. This is also where we keep and operate our laboratory equipment. We use the latest veterinary equipment from companies such as Abaxis, IDEXX and Bionote.

X-Ray Room

We use the Fujifilm Prima T2, FVS 1000 Workstation and the SkanMobile X-ray machine to provide diagnostic quality radiographic images within minutes.

Surgery Room

Our surgery room has 2 operating tables. Patient safety is our priority, that’s why each operating table has its own gas anesthesia machine and patient monitor. We are equipped to perform various soft-tissue surgeries and some orthopedic procedures.

Treatment Ward

We have a separate confinement ward for dogs, cats and exotic pets. We have another ward used strictly for infectious patients. The treatment area consists of two treatment tables where we can do minor surgical and dental procedures. The treatment area has its own gas anesthesia machine and patient monitor.